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Indira Baldano - Self-portrait
Portrait of the sculptor Serenzhab Baldano

My name is Indira Baldano. I was born on 30th of July 1956 in the city of Frunze (USSR), where my parents were living at for not a long period of time. After that we’ve been moving between Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) and Ulan-Ude (Buryatia), in the end starting from 2001 I’m currently living in Moscow (Russia) along with my family.


In Alma-Ata I’ve finished a university in 1978. After university I’ve been working in publishing house as an art editor. In 1993 I studied and finished studies in absentia at Moscow State University of Printing Arts. I wrote portraits of my family in free time.


I grew up in a family of Serenzhab Baldano – a sculptor. He was engrossed by his own art, it was his meaning of life. My father was a spiritual guide for me. From him I carried over a very careful and respectful attitude towards art.


My works could be divided into 3 periods, in-between each of them were from 6 up to 15 years of hiatus. First period – Alma-Ata 1978-1988, it was the time when I lived in my parent’s house; Ulan-Ude period 1992-1999: I got married, had children; the last one – Moscow period starting from 2014.

During that time a cat appeared in my family’s house, which in turn became a dear member of our family and a frequent theme in my works. One could say that I write what I see.


Portrait of Serenzhab Baldano. 1983. (detail)